The original Rec app is available on the App Store!

The only app that gives you the ability to record your screen sessions while browsing.

Easy to use

Start your recording with one tap!

Built-in player

Playback your videos with the built-in video player

Integrated web browser

Browse & record your sessions with the integrated web browser

High quality format

Save your recording into high quality .mp4 format files

Records organizer

Organize your recordings using the Rec folder

Easy exporting

Export your recordings to Camera Roll/Rec folder

How it works?

Rec is an advanced screen recording app for iOS that can record your screen sessions while browsing. Using a powerful video encoder, Rec can export your screen recordings into high quality .mp4 files.

Includes a compact video player you can play all of your recordings inside the app. All your recording being organized inside the Camera Roll and saved automatically into the Rec folder in Photos app.

It comes with a fully featured built-in web browser for your convenience and allows you to record your best browsing sessions with one-tap!

Notice: Rec records screen sessions that take place inside the app and the app's built-in web browser

Help & support

Why Rec doesn't record my screen session outside the app itself?

Recording screen sessions outside the app itself is not allowed and is against iOS policies. Rec can record your screen inside the app.

How can i start recording my screen?

Open the Rec app, press on "Start Recording" button on the first tab "Record". The app will start recording, at any time you can stop the recording by pressing the "Stop Recording" button on the first tab and your recording will be saved automatically.

What's the time limit of a screen recording?

You can record unlimited time screen sessions with Rec and the only limitation is your free space left on your device.

Where my screen recordings being saved?

Rec saves your screen recordings inside into Camera Roll and Rec folder inside the Photos app and can be easily organized. You can view them inside the Rec app also on "Recordings" tab.